Interventions in regards to addiction treatment can mean many things, from a brief conversation to a complete planned and rehearsed family meeting intervention facilitated by an ECR Intervention specialist. Of course, rehab itself is an intervention. At East Coast Recovery we believe that a good, well thought out intervention is the key to successful treatment.

ECR’s admissions team can help you determine the level of intervention that may be required. Pre-rehab interventions are also available on request.

Once in treatment, interventions are part of the normal process. Every now and then the therapy staff might decide there is a real need for a family intervention, and this may mean family and friends being asked to write intervention letters (examples of intervention letters can be found in our online family pack, found in the family support page); these letters tend to be powerful ‘tools of change’.

On rare occasions, we ask the family and friends to come to the centre for a face to face family intervention with a therapist/intervention specialist.

Once a client has left rehab, there is sometimes a need for an ECR staff member to carry out telephone interventions. Or maybe the clients and their family may benefit from coming back for an arranged meeting with an intervention specialist to assist in their recovery journey.

Interventions may incur extra cost; this will be discussed with you after the initial or subsequent assessments.