Our Recovery Community

The ECR Therapeutic Recovery Community is a Recovery orientated structured environment. All our therapists, support staff, recovery coaches, peer mentors, volunteers and office staff work together for the purpose of helping the clients understand the underlying psychological, emotional and behavioural nature of their addiction disorder, and of course, most importantly of all – how to overcome it.

Our Recovery Community is designed to educate clients on the addiction disorder while identifying with the client’s destructive behaviours past and present and mirroring positive Recovery traits and well-being behaviours. This mirroring of Recovery and well-being behaviours is accomplished by ECR’s structured Recovery environment and deeply caring staff guidance.

Group Therapies

Spending time engaging in group therapies together with an organised and structured residential environment – free from drug/alcohol use or other self-damaging behaviours – enables a great foundation for a new life in normal living conditions. ECR’s strong residential Recovery focused environment is a very powerful and highly efficient way to bring about long-term change in a relatively short period of time.

At ECR, we have every confidence in our ‘Foundations for Recovery’ programme, which has helped well over a thousand people so far. With the continued engagement of Recovery principles, every person who suffers from an addiction disorder can remain abstinent lifelong and have a vastly more fulfilling, happy and peaceful life.

Also, look at our 12 Step Programme.

supporting each other at east coast recovery