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Zoe Hindes
East coast recovery gave me the the insight of addiction and helped me see that life can be happy with out the use of drugs going to east coast was the new start of the rest of my life will never forget it I also found aa na rooms at east coast forever great full xread more
Jessy Crooks
I came into treatment completely done not wanting to live in the pain of addiction any longer. ECR was my first rehab so I was full of fear but as soon as I walked into the centre I was made to feel so loved. It was the first time I had felt safe in years. East coast recovery has given me the tools to live my life and be a part of society. They've given me the solution I've always been looking for, I've learnt so much about myself - why I'm an addict/why I felt so different/why I had certain behaviours/how to overcome all of it and have peace of mind. The staff are out of this world, the fact they're in recovery made me feel comfortable asking them for help and telling them what was going on in my head as they completely understood.This place saved my life. My family have peace of mind today. There are no words to say how grateful I am to east coast recovery.read more
Alison Prentice
My son was in ECR for 8 months and I genuinely feel that this wonderful place and the people there that have helped with his recovery have saved his life! The best decision he ever made was to go to ECR and I'm so thankful to have my son back. I can't recommend this place highly enoughread more
Alison Keen
I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to go to ECR. It is honestly the best thing I have ever done! I was 6 years sober on 13 April 2018. I was there for 12 weeks and came away a completely different person to the one that went in! If I hadn't had that chance and taken it, I would probably be dead now. I love being in recovery.read more
Paula Roberts
Am amazing and really brutal at times experience,but still haven't forgot what I learnt. At times I have made mistakes since but I still choose to remember and let my thoughts go back to the incredible staff at the time,and the people who shared their own experience whilst I was there,who helped me through. I am feeling really good and positive,and extremely grateful. Sobriety is greatread more
Nate Dexter
I came here in Oct 2016 after many years of trying to control my drinking and many years of failing and gradually losing all the important things in my life(including myself) to my addiction. Its the first time it was properly explained to me what i was suffering from ( the disease of addiction) until then i just thought i was a bad person or weak willed or a moral reject. More importantly i was given and shown the solution to this problem. The staff there are very supportive and understand addiction first hand as 90% of them have been through it so they dont just talk recovery they actually live it which gave me so much hope.The decision to go to ECR was the best decision i ever made and 18 months on am still clean something i never thought id say!Thank you ECR for showing me the way out and a new way to live!!Forever grateful.read more
Ricky Daniel
I STUMBLED ACROSS ME AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE(The kingdom of God is within you!!❤️❤️🌟👍😇E.C.R showed me grace forgiveness and everlasting love through care and attention and the best purest form of guidance to help me rebuild my life that was a train wreck!!! My life is wonderful and I'm still continuing to transform change develop and grow!! They are my experiences ❤️❤️🙏💯⭐️read more
Joe Marsh
I came into treatment completely broken inside, I really struggled in the treatment environment but the love, support, empathy and compassion from staff and clients, helped me heal. Ecr teaches we all have a pot of gold within us, if we reach out and grab it, we can achieve things beyond our wildest dreams. The tools I learnt at ecr have Been invaluable in my life and I will be eternally grateful to ecr . Thank you so much xread more
James Smith
This place changed my life, you actually get genuine care, love and support. Anyone in need of help battling the awful disease of addiction then this is THE place to be.read more
Rujena Begum
When I come in ecr I was broken fucked dead..I've been in ecr for the past 8 months as it's the best thing I have ever done I've learnt how to cope with life my reality my truth�����this place is amazing Iam soooo grateful their are people that are so kind caring and loving�I don't think I could have done it without thier love and support..I want to start living now and I can cope with life a bit better and I always try to be the best person I can be..I know I've changed since I've been here Iam going college which I never considered before and relocating in lowestoft..my journey starts here Iam Iam excited about my future thanks to ecr I have faith hope and the courage���read more

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