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12 Step Programme Treatment

Overwhelming empirical data confirms that when it comes to true alcoholism and substance addiction, the number one Recovery solution is the 12 Step programme.

This is also ECR’s experiential position; this is what our personal and professional experience demonstrates time and time and time again. Unfortunately – and a big problem for Recovery in the UK – is that relatively few people have a true and deep understanding of the psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects of the phenomenally powerful 12 Step programme. ECR absolutely has the true and deep understanding of the mighty 12 Step programme.

Beware of the naysayers regarding the 12 Step programme. Our vast experience completely concurs with the authorised 12 Step literature that “Rarely have we seen a person fail” who embraced a ‘proper’ understanding and experience of the 12 Step programme into their lives.


A few important facts about the 12 step fellowship

  1. Over 8000 absolutely free walk-in support group meetings in the UK weekly. This is completely unparalleled. No other organisation even comes close to offering this much support.
  2. By far the biggest Global Recovery network. You will have instant Recovery friends and support all over the world and you will need never to be alone ever again anywhere in the world.
  3. 24-7 telephone and internet support, 365 Days a year.
  4. Most importantly everyone you talk to and meet in the 12 step fellowship are in Recovery themselves, no one in charge, just one alcoholic/addict trying to help the next.
  5. No fees or dues just come and go as you please!

You can call us on 01502 587269 (9am to 10pm), email us or request call back today.

You can call us on 01502 587269 (9am to 10pm), email us or request call back today.


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Addiction Assessment Team

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