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East Coast Recovery Detox Services

Our Detoxification treatment programme includes:

Full medical detoxification overseen by medical professionals in accordance with NHS Nice guidelines and regulated by the CQC

All ECR’s detoxification treatment programmes are overseen by a registered GP practice.

ECR’s staff are trained and authorised to issue prescribed medication as well as carrying out regular checks to ensure the detoxification is as comfortable as possible. ECR’s residential houses are staffed 24/7 by our caring and dedicated support team.

If after your assignment your medical detoxification need falls outside our ability to safely care for you, our admissions team will refer you at no extra cost to a facility that is able safely care for you.

The full cost of your detox will be agreed with you before admission. However extra costs may occur if your medical needs go outside the initial agreed detox plan, i.e. extra medication required, extra trips to the Doctors for other illnesses, or hospital trips for other illnesses. Sometimes clients would like to see the private doctor for other issues or to discuss the possibility of reducing medication, these will incur further costs.

During the detox period you will get an Introduction to neuroscience in regards to addiction

ECR are renowned for their knowledge and understanding of the latest neuroscientific research in regards to alcoholism and addiction. ECR are skilled at simplifying this information and bringing it to life in the context of Recovery and treatment.

Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy tools

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is the most widely used therapeutic intervention when it comes to alcoholism and addiction. ECR have vast experience of CBT and integrate it perfectly into their treatment programmes. You will learn important aspects of CBT during your detox.

Introduction to the 12 Step Programme

The mighty 12 Step programme is the most powerful treatment method for true alcoholism and addiction, yet unfortunately the most misunderstood and malpracticed. ECR have a well-earned reputation for their second-to-none knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the 12 Step programme. We ensure that our clients have the best available teaching of the 12 Step programme offered to them.

View our 12 Step Programme.

-- Jo

I came to ECR coming off methadone and heroin. I had a lot of fears coming into treatment, and the fear of detoxing was one of them, my past experiences with detoxes had been failure. Generally my detox at ECR went smoothly, only slight levels of discomfort in my head I had believed it was going to be hellish. How wrong I was! The support from staff & peers was a vital help as most had been through drug withdrawals and their loving support gave me the strength with ECR’s help I became free of substances for the first time in a very long time and continue to remain so.

-- Carl

Before I came into ECR I was worried about detoxing more than anything else, the thought of withdrawal scared me the most. When I arrived I saw the doctor and was prescribed a medical detox which was to replace the drugs i was addicted to and help prevent any severe withdrawals. The detox period was a lot smoother than I expected and at any point I was uncomfortable or worried there was always staff there for me to talk to. The support from my peers and the groups helped greatly during this time and it was a relief to know I did not have to go through this alone, there was always someone else that had been through exactly the same as me.

ECR’s detoxification treatment programme is uniquely designed to be as productive, inspiring and comfortable as possible.

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