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Interventions Are Key To Successful Treatments

Interventions in regards to addiction treatment are often seen as a single act carried out family, friends and employers, with the optional assistance of an Addiction Intervention Professional.

We firmly belive that EVERYTHING we do at East Coast Recovery is an intervention. From a brief conversation to a complete planned and rehearsed family meeting intervention facilitated by an ECR Intervention Specialist.

Of course, rehab itself is an intervention. At East Coast Recovery we believe that a good, well thought out interventions are key to successful treatment.

Our admissions team can help you determine the level of intervention that may be required. Pre-rehab interventions are also available on request.

Once a client is in treatment with us, interventions are part of the normal everyday addiction treatments. Every now and then therapy staff might decide there is a real need for additional family intervention, and this may mean family and friends being asked to write intervention letters; these letters tend to be powerful ‘tools of change’.

On rare occasions, we may invite family and friends to come to the centre for a face to face family intervention with a therapist/intervention specialist.

Once a client has left rehab, there is sometimes a need for an ECR staff member to carry out telephone interventions. Or maybe the clients and their family may benefit from coming back for an arranged meeting with an intervention specialist to assist in their recovery journey.

Interventions may incur extra cost; this will be discussed with you after the initial or subsequent assessments.

Addiction & Alcohol Intervention Resources

Over the years we have carried out 1000’s of interventions with clients in our care. We do appreciate that Private Residential Addiction Rehab may not be affordable for everyone. With this in mind we are keen to share a number of Alcohol and Addiction Intervention Resources for your use.

We highly recommend the Intervention Approach developed by Jeff & Debra Jay. Their remarkable Book ‘Love First’ is an incredible family’s  guide to Intervention. It’s also available as an Audiobook. It has been changing lives for many years.

Be sure to take a look at their FREE Intervention Workshop Videos and Podcasts, available on their website 


You can call us on 01502 587269 (Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm), 07585 531332 (Evenings & Weekends until 10pm), email us or request call back today.

You can call us on 01502 587269 (Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm), 07585 531332 (Evenings & Weekends until 10pm), email us or request call back today.

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