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Sonja Pewter

I have been totally abstinent from alcohol and drugs for over eleven years, also having not smoked cigarettes for over four years. I still attend one 12 Step fellowship meeting a week. I practice the programme that I have been shown since day one. I work full-time at East Coast Recovery, and really enjoy my role supporting people through what is probably the darkest time in their lives and showing them a way out that works.  With ECR, I now have the normal life I always wanted, but could never do whilst in active addiction. I have re-educated myself since being in recovery, and have gained up to my Level 5 in Management and Leadership. I love to travel. I have been on some really exciting adventures since I have been clean; from Finland to Nice – France to Israel, to Dubai, to Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. I live with my 23-year-old daughter and we have a wonderful relationship.

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