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No Referral Commissions Paid – Means highest quality treatments at a fair & often lowest lost.

We (East Coast Recovery) DO NOT work with any commission based Referral Agencies or 3rd Parties.

We are proud of our long standing position of NOT PAYING Referral / Sales Commissions. This means we are able provide our expert Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatments and Detox Services at typically 10% – 30% lower cost than rehabs and addiction treatment centres that do use commission based referral agencies and 3rd parties.

When you contact us you are speaking directly with a member of our in-house treatment staff. Their primary purpose is to provide you with the information and advise on best course of treatment for you, your friend, your colleague or your family member.

What Is A Referral Agency?

A referral agency is a marketing business whose primary business model is to generate income from the fee it charges for referring paying clients to UK Rehabs or UK Addiction Treatment Centres.

What Impact Does The Referral Commission Fee Have On The Cost Of Treatment?

If treatment is usually offered at £3000, as an example, the treatment centre will have to charge you £3300 to £3900 (an additional £300 – £900) to cover the 10% – 30% commission paid to the referral agency. The treatment received by the client paying the inflated price is no more effective than treatment arranged directly with the UK rehab or addiction treatment Centre.

What Tactics Are Used By Referral Agencies?

The tactics are based on a numbers game. Flood the internet with many, many marketing websites and online channels including social media. This results in pages and pages of rehab related marketing content saturating the search engine results related to a great number of key phrases used by you, their prospective clients.

It’s a very effective tactic. Each of these many marketing websites will employ very similar, if not the same tactics including:

  • A website address made up of a combination of highly targeted words including “rehab”, “alcohol”, “drug”, “clinic”, “addiction”, “treatment” and “centre”. Ours is simply East Coast Recovery.
  • Until the practice was banned by Google in late in 2018, the referral agencies would spend £10,000’s on Google Ads that would populate the top positions of search results. Often they would purchase ALL of the advert positions and point them to their own various websites. They don’t care which one you click as they all end up at the same agency.
  • The use of various non-geographic telephone numbers that hide the true location of the marketing agency. These all point to the same sales call centre, meaning they’re answered by the same sales people.
  • The same practice is used for the Email Addresses, Call Back Request Forms and Live Operator Chat Messaging used on the sites. It’s often the same sales team employed by the marketing agency to answer the phones, that answer these online enquiries.

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When you call, email or message East Coast Recovery you are speaking directly with our wonderful in-house Admissions Team. Kelly & Julie look forward to helping you make the right treatment decisions.


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