Get on the road to addiction recovery with us

Freedom from addiction is within reach when you collaborate with our specialists, who understand and empathise with your situation and are available to support you 24 hours a day.

How admissions work

After a thorough assessment by our team of experts, we decide – with you – which course of treatment best suits you and your needs. A calm, friendly, welcoming atmosphere is guaranteed.

How admissions work at East Coast Recovery

Finding help for yourself

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when reaching out for support for yourself, but you can trust our leading experts to guide you on your road to recovery with kindness and respect.

Find help for myself drug and alcohol addiction

Finding help for a loved one

Help your loved one leave addiction behind by introducing us as a vital element of that person’s support system – one with the skills and resources to help them rebuild their sense of self-worth.

Find help for a loved one East coast recovery.

Addiction Information for employers

Substance misuse occurs in the workplace more often than we may think; it is fair to say that in general it is believed that this may only occur in large organisations, this is not the case. The size of the business is irrelevant as this illness relates to an individual.

East Coast Recovery information for employers