Fuding Rehab

If you or a loved one need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, visiting your GP could be the place to start. GPs can sometimes provide in-practice treatment or they may refer you to your local drug or alcohol treatment service

Treatment depends on individual circumstances and the substance being abused. From talking therapies to medical care, rehabilitation programmes can support and help addicts in a variety of ways.

Budgets for drug and alcohol rehabilitation have shrunk dramatically year on year and some areas do not offer rehab funding at all. While most local authorities will deliver drop-in services of some description, it is increasingly difficult to receive funding for residential rehab. Even if funding is secured, the level of service is likely to be impacted by a cap on the amount of financial assistance available.

This lack of funded rehab means that more and more people are considering private rehabilitation. Self-funded treatment offers immediate access to high-quality care. Private residential addiction treatment provides structure, intensity and a level of support that can’t be replicated with an outpatient service. While day programmes can be beneficial, many addicts will reach a point in their addiction where they require a level of support that only round-the-clock professional care can provide.

What if I cant afford rehab

Residential rehab may seem prohibitively expensive upon initial investigation. However, it’s crucial to consider the benefits of taking action. From medically-supervised detox programmes to talking therapies and bespoke treatment plans, a residential rehabilitation centre can offer a wealth of expertise and support.

Facing an addiction is the first step on the road to recovery. It takes courage and can be overwhelming enough without the added worry of financial concerns. The cost of residential rehab is a common barrier to getting help.

If cost is preventing you from seeking help, it’s important to consider the ways in which addiction has already cost you and how it will continue to do so without intervention. From medical treatment and professional counselling to the daily living expenses of residential care, rehab incurs a range of costs. Finding a residential facility that offers value for money is crucial.

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Self funding private rehab

Clients who have the funds available can very often start treatment almost immediately. If you are unable to access funds, asking family members and friends to collectively donate to the treatment costs might be an option. It may be surprising to see just how willing family and friends are to help if you are prepared to commit to complete recovery.

If there are no disposable funds, choosing to pay using a loan or credit card may be an alternative. Knowing that recovery will benefit quality of life and financial security in the future may be motivation enough to make the investment. It’s important to ensure that any loan amount and interest rate can realistically be paid back. If credit rating is an issue, a family member may be willing to take out a personal loan on behalf of their loved one.

Some private health insurance plans cover treatment for addiction. Providing the admissions team has all the relevant information, funding by this means and admission are usually prompt.

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Help from employers

Healthcare may be an additional benefit provided by your employer. Many company policies cover alcohol and drug rehabilitation. As such, approaching your employer for help may be an option.

Employers provide varying packages of support for employees struggling with addiction. For many, it may be more cost-effective to provide treatment and help to rehabilitate an employee than to replace them.

Addiction specialists and counsellors can help you make the right decision about rehab for you and your family. It is possible to forge a new way of life and recovery is within reach.

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