Who we’ve helped to recover

At East Coast Recovery, we’ve guided thousands of people through their addiction disorder recovery, and every one of them has a valuable personal story.

When COVID restrictions allow – we can offer you a private tour

Just in case any concerns about staying with us still remain, we offer every client – and their family members – the opportunity to visit our recovery centre and residences with no obligation, free of charge.

Book an appointment with us and we will happily welcome you to the centre and give a guided viewing with a member of staff, which can help put to rest any remaining fears or anxieties surrounding the rehab experience. Contact our assessment and admissions team to book your visitation slot today.

Kelly’s Experience

“I love the changes we can make in not just addicts lives but in the lives of their loved ones as well.”

Jo's Addiction StoryEast Coast Recovery

The support from staff and peers was a vital help.

Jo’s addiction story

I came to ECR coming off methadone and heroin. I had a lot of fears coming into treatment, and the fear of detoxing was one of them, my past experiences with detoxes had been a failure. Generally, my detox at ECR went smoothly, only slight levels of discomfort in my head. I had believed it was going to be hellish. How wrong I was! The support from staff and peers was a vital help as most had been through drug withdrawals and their loving support gave me strength. With ECR’s help, I became free of substances for the first time in a very long time, and continue to remain so.

Matthews addiction recovery story at East Coast Recovery

I saw their Detox Doctor on arrival and the fear went away.

Matthew’s recovery story

I had been abusing alcohol for years. I had great anxiety and fear regarding my alcohol detox. I had spoken with my own doctor on numerous occasions over the years and he had gone to great lengths to stress the importance of not just quitting unsupervised due to my extremely high level of alcohol consumption. ECR was brilliant. I saw their Detox Doctor on arrival and the fear went away. The staff helped me cope with the anxiety during the detox, but the fear was gone. Amazing.

Carl's Detox Story

A relief to know I did not have to go through this alone.

Carl’s detox story

Before I came into ECR I was worried about detoxing more than anything else, the thought of withdrawal scared me the most. When I arrived I saw the doctor and was prescribed a medical detox which was to replace the drugs I was addicted to and help prevent any severe withdrawals. The detox period was a lot smoother than I expected and at any point I was uncomfortable or worried there was always staff there for me to talk to. The support from my peers and the groups helped greatly during this time and it was a relief to know I did not have to go through this alone, there was always someone else that had been through exactly the same as me.

John’s Experience

“I understand from my own professional care that I received here, what I have to do to help others and it’s so important to give them that love when they arrive.”

80% of our staff have experience of addiction first-hand

At East Coast Recovery, we understand every stage of addiction through to a recovery that lasts.

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