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Residential Rehab

East Coast Recovery is an independently operated, residential rehab. We have stripped away the clinical, sterile hospital feel to addiction treatment and created a warm, caring, homely, therapeutic environment. What makes us different from most other treatment providers, is that approximately 90% of our fully-trained staff – including the director – have overcome their own personal struggles with addiction, by using the program and methods we offer as a solution at our centre.

ECR has become one of the UK’s most respected and successful residential addiction treatment clinics. Established in 2001, we are Suffolk’s longest serving addiction treatment provider. Over the years we have won multiple contracts with the NHS and been involved in many joint projects offering addiction treatment and training to the community. We have been held up as a gold standard to other treatment facilities and won many awards and accolades over the years – including an award for outstanding contribution to the field of addiction. We are particularly proud of the multiple testimonies of incredible treatment outcomes (some of these can be viewed on our Google reviews) experienced by many of our ex-clients. Many have remained abstinent for multiple years and a large majority have become friends and supporters of our rehab and program. Not only have they stopped using drugs and alcohol, but they have built amazing purposeful lives for themselves and their families.

At ECR we are acutely aware of the suffering caused by addiction. People place their trust in us to support and guide them out of this terrible illness – and we take that trust very seriously. We understand that you are probably experiencing one of the most vulnerable and difficult times of your life. Our treatment facility is designed to offer you all the support, understanding and care a person needs to completely recover from the traumatic lifestyle of dependence. We have an excellent solution to this problem and believe it is our purpose to guide and support people into this lifesaving and life changing treatment.

All the staff at ECR are passionate about our recovery program, our treatment facility and caring for clients. You can experience this if you call and talk to one of our admissions team.

Our location

We have chosen our location in Suffolk because it’s a quiet and peaceful town, which is not too far from the fine city of Norwich. We are located by the sea and are fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful countryside, so there are lots of great walks and activities. Our main residence is located just five minutes from an award-winning south beach and we feel it’s a perfect spot to incorporate all of our therapeutic and practical needs. We are also approximately 2.5hrs from central London.

 What kind of people go to rehab?

Over the years we have treated school teachers, police officers, people who have worked in aviation, the unemployed, actors – from the young to the elderly, representing all sexualities and nationalities. We have people who have suffered abuse and some that feel they had great and loving childhoods. We have treated just about every combination of person you can think of. Just like any other illness, addiction is no respecter of individual and it’s actually one of the wonderful things we see all the different kinds of people coming together with a common cause in recovery.

Why should you choose us?

1- We are one of the best treatment centres in the country and no one has more knowledge or understanding of addiction and the best way to treat it than us. In this we are market leaders.

2- We have an incredible team of caring treatment specialists whom most have literally been where you are now and found a way out.

3- Everything we do comes from the heart; we believe in offering the best treatment possible.

4/ We want you to be free! 

To insure the highest and safest standards we are annually inspected and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

You can call us on 01502 587269 (Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm), 07585 531332 (Evenings & Weekends until 10pm), email us or request call back today.

You can call us on 01502 587269 (Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm), 07585 531332 (Evenings & Weekends until 10pm), email us or request call back today.

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