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what is a detox?
What is a Detox: FAQ

What is a Detox?

The word detox is used in two different ways.

The first way is used to describe the natural process of physical detoxification or withdrawals that begins naturally when you just stop or reduce using certain toxic substances, illegal or prescribed medications.

The second use of the word has become slang to describe physically going into a residential rehab facility for the purpose of detoxification.

It’s important to highlight the different use of the word to clarify the difference between just having a physical detox, and actually going into a properly appointed detox centre.

What Is A Physical Detox?

Physical Detox is the process of reducing or stopping a toxic substance that includes prescribed medication, legal and illegal substances or even certain behaviours.

The action of ‘just stopping’ any substance to start the detox process is strongly advised against. Please seek medical advice; this action, without proper medical supervision, has in some cases led to death!

What is a Detox Centre?

A detox centre or rehab is a properly appointed residential facility designed with the purpose of assisting and supporting a person through the difficult process of withdrawing from the toxic substance or medication. A residential detox facility should be registered with the Care Quality Commission (you can check each regulated facilities CQC report online).

How Much Does a Detox Cost?

The price range for a typical detox facility can go from £6000 to above £30,000 for a 28 day program. Our 14 Day Residential Alcohol Detox costs £4,450. Our 28 Day Residential Drug Detox costs £8,390.

Will I Get A Better Detox If I Pay More?

The level of support and care received during Detox Treatments provided by CQC regulated facilities is pretty much the same between the lower cost and the higher cost. Higher costs are usually made up of higher standard of living accommodation and luxury extras, but please don’t be deceived into thinking the more you pay the better the detox and recovery treatment will be, our advice would be do your homework and go and view a couple of facilities before you make up your mind. Also take into account that a 28 day detox may not be enough time for you or your loved one to recover. I suggest if at all possible choose a facility you could afford to pay 3 to 6 months is necessary. Do not blow your whole budget on a 28 day detox.

Will They Be Fixed When They Have A Detox?

This is also an area where a lot of misunderstanding about addiction exists. The idea that having a 28 day detox, getting them off drugs, alcohol and certain behaviours will solve the problem entirely is mostly not the case. Unfortunately I think a lot of people can be taken in by the idea that an expensive 28 day detox will solve the problem, even though this may be the case for a very small amount of people, our experience is that most people will need more intensive support and treatment than can be provided on a 28 day detox.

Is a Detox Addiction Treatment For Everyone?

No. Detox is not addiction treatment for everyone and here’s why! There are two different types of out of control substance users

Type One: The Heavy Drinker or Drug User; this person drinks far too much or has developed a drug dependency and become a heavy drug user, for all intents and purposes you would think this type of person is an alcoholic/drug addict. But in fact if they are given a sufficient reason they can stop or moderate with minimal support including a 28 day detox. We would not describe this type of person as an addict or an allergic type as we like to refer to them.

Type Two: The Alcoholic/Drug Addict (the allergic type); This person has been given sufficient reason to stop or moderate multiple times has tried to stop or moderate. They may have already had detoxes and been in treatment but they continually relapse and keep getting worse. This type needs far more than just a detox; this type needs a lot of specialist support, a good and proven treatment program and be given a long term recovery strategy and aftercare program.

Is Detox and Addiction Treatment The Same Thing?

No. They are not the same thing. Detox deals with the physical and mind altering effects of taking a substance. Addiction Treatment is the process that takes place immediately after a person has been safely detoxed.

Addiction Treatment deals more with the underlining psychological and spiritual causes of the addiction. We have come to believe that addiction is not the best name for this problem as it promotes the idea that the substance or the behaviour is the problem! When in fact addiction is a treatable mental condition.

Detox and Addiction Treatment should go hand in hand. While the detox comes to an end after a few days, the Addiction Treatment and Recovery can go on for many more years, so it’s important to understand the difference between Detox and Addiction Treatment. Anyone hoping to be successful in beating their addiction must understand that they are going to need more help than just a detox.