What we believe in

Our client-centric recovery ethos is at the heart of everything we do, which also makes it the foundation of your personal recovery.

Education-based treatment

What makes our recovery treatment succeed where many others fail is a dedication to ensuring our clients fully understand the intricate details of their condition on a scientific level, before recovery can get into full swing. 

Our own understanding of a vast range of addictions is what drives that success. And our unique ability to impart that knowledge to clients, throughout their treatment, is what gives them the self-belief needed to overcome their disorder.

Happy Alcohol and Drug Group Therapy session

Empathy born of experience

Around 90% of our staff have experienced addiction themselves, and have fully recovered from the very issues that our clients face. Our team members have been in the same position and many of the same situations as our clients. Thanks to the techniques we use here today, they are many years into their recovery.

There’s nobody more qualified to help and support an addict than a trained expert who has been through the same difficulties, and this level of understanding helps clients burst through their personal barriers to live the life of freedom treatment offers.

reassuring and caring drug and alcohol counselor

When COVID restrictions allow – we can offer you a private tour

Just in case any concerns about staying with us still remain, we offer every client – and their family members – the opportunity to visit our recovery centre and residences with no obligation, free of charge. 

Book an appointment with us and we will happily welcome you to the centre and give a guided viewing with a member of staff, which can help put to rest any remaining fears or anxieties surrounding the rehab experience. Contact our assessment and admissions team to book your visitation slot today.

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Any information you share with us is completely confidential, we do not share any information you close to give us.

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