Detox treatment aftercare

Our support doesn’t end the moment you leave our care – in fact, anybody that spends at least four weeks with us is provided with up to one year of additional aftercare, free of charge.

What happens in aftercare?

Whatsapp aftercare at East coast recovery

Whatsapp Aftercare Support Group

This keeps our ex clients connected and a space where they can share information, sign post and support one another.

Video calls at East Coast Recovery

Client lead weekly aftercare support group (currently done via zoom)

This is to identify any issues or struggles as a group and to share experiences as well as working through the Big Book.

Calls at East Coast Recovery

Weekly follow up calls

Weekly follow up calls for the first 4 weeks to help with the transition from rehab, these then turn to monthly.

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Weekly Family Talk (currently done via zoom)

This provides general information and support to family members relating to addiction and how you can best help and support your loved one in their recovery. If you are considering residential rehab for a loved one, you are welcome to request from our admissions team to join the weekly family group. This will enable you to talk to other families, ECR Addiction Therapists and the Director.

Happy Alcohol and Drug Group Therapy session

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Any information you share with us is completely confidential, we do not share any information you close to give us.

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Carl's Detox Story

A relief to know I did not have to go through this alone.

Carl’s detox story

Before I came into ECR I was worried about detoxing more than anything else, the thought of withdrawal scared me the most. When I arrived I saw the doctor and was prescribed a medical detox which was to replace the drugs I was addicted to and help prevent any severe withdrawals. The detox period was a lot smoother than I expected and at any point I was uncomfortable or worried there was always staff there for me to talk to. The support from my peers and the groups helped greatly during this time and it was a relief to know I did not have to go through this alone, there was always someone else that had been through exactly the same as me.

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