Intervention strategies

There’s no way of measuring the suffering endured by the family and friends of an addiction disorder sufferer, but the right intervention at the right time can change everything.

Key features of intervention strategies

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Choose an intervention team

This group should ideally be comprised of three to eight people who are close to the alcoholic. These may include family members, friends or co-workers. The intervention team members must have first-hand knowledge of the addict’s problem. They cannot speak from hearsay. Also, the group cannot include anyone who has an active chemical dependency problem

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Plan, plan, plan

There is no replacement for careful preparation when trying to intervene on an alcohol or drug abuser. In our experience, families that try to rush the process are setting themselves up for failure.

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Share personal experiences

When the team comes together for an initial meeting to discuss the intervention, the members should talk about their personal experiences with the alcoholic and the negative consequences of the addiction. This is often an eye-opening experience for the team, as different individuals will have different knowledge of the situation. This process helps to get everyone on the same page and helps the team to develop a better understanding of the depth of the problem.

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Contact a professional

If it all feels overwhelming and daunting. Contact a professional, such as ourselves and we can help guide you through this process, supporting you and your loved one onto the road to an addiction-free life.

What is included in your detox programme?

alcohol and drug Neuroscience

Introduction to neuroscience and addiction

Neuroscience shows that the brain of an addict can operate very differently from a non-addict – and that the brain can repair and develop under the right circumstances.

Short term drug and alcohol detox

Introduction to cognitive behavioural therapy

CBT is the most widely-utilised orthodox therapeutic model for the treatment of addiction, and is based on the premise that a person’s thoughts directly influence their behaviour.

East Coast Recovery 12 step programme

Introduction to the 12 step programme

The number one recovery solution – worldwide, and in our vast experience at ECR – is the phenomenally powerful 12 step programme.

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Matthews addiction recovery story at East Coast Recovery

I saw their Detox Doctor on arrival and the fear went away.

Matthew’s recovery story

I had been abusing alcohol for years. I had great anxiety and fear regarding my alcohol detox. I had spoken with my own doctor on numerous occasions over the years and he had gone to great lengths to stress the importance of not just quitting unsupervised due to my extremely high level of alcohol consumption. ECR was brilliant. I saw their Detox Doctor on arrival and the fear went away. The staff helped me cope with the anxiety during the detox, but the fear was gone. Amazing.

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