28 Day Detox

Most UK Rehabs and Addiction Treatment Centres offer a 28 Day Detox Program, please understand when choosing a treatment facility, your budget may have to stretch to far more than 28 days. 28 days treatment may NOT be enough time for you or your loved one, be prepared for a more realistic period of time around three to six months. 12 plus weeks has proven to be a far more effective amount of time to bring about longer lasting change for people who have been suffering with a long term addiction problems, you don’t have to book in to a treatment centre for more than 28 days, just be prepared that if you our your loved one needs longer treatment, your budget will cover it! It is hard to tell how long a person will need in treatment until they begin the process most will need and want longer than 28 days!

If you are looking at treatment facilities that don’t offer longer stays than 28 days with reduced rates or they can’t refer you on free of charge or have a very robust aftercare program, I would recommend keeping up your search.

Why do people go to rehabs more than once?

It’s no secret most people go to rehab more than once, and there are many reasons for that!
I think one of the main reasons that people refuse full treatment or leave a treatment centre or resist good treatment whilst in a treatment centre is they don’t always feel able to cope with the traumatic thoughts and emotions they start to experience once they begin to withdraw from the substances and behaviours associated with addiction.
We could get everybody in the UK off drugs safely in 14 days, but most won’t stay off. Without the correct treatment, Addiction is a treatable condition! However physically detoxing most people is not the overall correct treatment and is not going to resolve the conditions that dictate that they self-medicate and abuse substances in the first place. It’s a common misunderstanding that yourself or loved one will be ok if only you stop drinking or using drugs (this maybe the case for the non-addictive types) you are probably going to be disappointed and spend a lot of money and time on treatment facilities going for short detox programs. The evidence that you’re not getting or receiving the right treatment is continually relapsing!

Is a 28 day detox going to fix my alcohol problem?

For most people 28 days is just about enough time for a physical detox, nowhere near enough time to deal with the psychological or spiritual issue that lead to the addiction in the first place.
We believe it takes a certain amount of time to educate a person about the mental and spiritual condition called addiction. To help a person suffering from addiction to understand what’s wrong with them and what they can do about, in our experience it is a process of steps, the first step being to start to clear the mind (detox) that alone takes an absolute minimal of two weeks, then if the person has a reasonable level of education, emotional intelligence and not to many emotional problems a further 4 weeks can be enough time for the penny to drop. The penny we need to drop is that the person who comes into treatment needs to accept and understand the seriousness of the mental condition they have been suffering from! Secondly and most importantly they need to accept and understand the treatment and they are going to need ongoing treatment (not necessarily residential treatment)

Are Rehabs and treatment centres in the UK regulated?

Yes UK rehabs are closely regulated and it’s most important to check they are registered with the Care Quality Commission! The CQC
The Care Quality Commission are an independent regulator of all UK rehab centres, you can read the reports of each rehab on line.
If you’re not sure or would like to make a complaint about a treatment facility call the CQC, you can contact the CQC on 03000 616161 or fill out an online complaints form
Does it matter how long has the rehab facility been established?
In the UK and abroad anyone can open up a rehab it’s a very lucrative business! You could find yourself in a very expensive newly opened facility, with clever marketing they can try to fool you in to believing they have tons of past experience, and been open and successful treating clients for multiple decades, when in fact they have only been open a short period of time, how they often make it appear their facility has many years of experience is they add together the years their staff have been working in addiction treatment, for example if they have 10 staff all with two years’ experience they will advertise they have 20 years’ experience when in fact they only have two years’ experience. This doesn’t mean they are not going to be good but my advice would be do a little more back ground check on the director and make sure they are registered with the CQC. Especially if you are considering traveling abroad to get treatment.

Check the refund policy?

I think one of the ways to determine if a treatment facility you choose cares more about money or people, is the refund policy, some do not give any refund, that means if you or a loved one pays for treatment and leave the next day, you will lose all your money, they make it sound like they are doing you a favour by saying you can come back into treatment at any time! Some facilities have a fairer policy. Ask before you decided, you may need the money to go to another treatment centre

Should I go and visit a rehab before checking in?

Always go for a tour of a couple of rehabs before you decided, I understand that you just need to get yourself or a loved one into treatment! But consider this if you found a UK rehab online you may not be talking to the best rehab for yourself or your loved one, the chances are your talking to the best marketed rehab and you will be talking to a sales person, they may be called something else like Admissions coordinator, but if you called them they are going to try and sell you their rehab, look that’s not bad in its self, that’s the way the world is! The point is when you are desperate and vulnerable the chances are you are going to be an easy to sell, so our advice is go for a tour speak to some staff and clients, and trust your instincts you can see and feel a place where people truly care!

Are the most expensive rehabs the best rehabs?

The short answer is no! the truth when it comes to addiction treatment is the more expensive rehabs will of course have better quality facilities, and extras like on suit rooms with colour tvs, food prepared for you, and luxury’s that the more cost effective don’t have. But please don’t be fooled into believing the more money you pay the better the actual addiction treatment will be, ‘it’s often the opposite’ when in truth you are paying a premium for the facilities not the treatment. Nothing wrong on spending money on a luxurious high end treatment facility if you have the money or insurances is paying, but this advice is for people who are vulnerable in a difficult situation with a child or loved one trying to choose the correct facility, when your desperate you are also vulnerable, and of course you will pay whatever it cost to get a loved one well, but we hear time and time again about clients who have checked into a 28 day expensive rehab, spending all their money and at the end of 28 days realising they need more treatment but have no funds left. If you have loads of money great! If not budget wisely.